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PeeBuddy Female Urination Device - 20 Funnels
PeeBuddy Female Urination Device - 20 Funnels
PeeBuddy Female Urination Device - 20 Funnels
PeeBuddy Female Urination Device - 20 Funnels
PeeBuddy Female Urination Device - 20 Funnels
PeeBuddy Female Urination Device - 20 Funnels
PeeBuddy Female Urination Device - 20 Funnels
PeeBuddy Female Urination Device - 20 Funnels

PeeBuddy Female Urination Device - 20 Funnels

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Restriction to pee due to dirty public toilets and inability to squat because of joint pain, pregnancy, etc. can make life troublesome. It can lead to dehydration and holding in of pee for a prolonged period. This can result in UTI.


PeeBuddy,female urination device, is a practical portable and disposable solution to unshackle you from these problems. It empowers you with the Freedom to Stand and Pee so that you can commute, enjoy desert camping,take road trips or even trek without any worries.


PeeBuddy is a portable and disposable urination device for women who are always on the go and frequently encounter dirty toilets in flights, trains, metro stations or on highways. 

Even women with certain medical conditions (joint pain or low immunity) or those pregnant don't have to worry anymore as PeeBuddy gives them the freedom to Stand & Pee. 

With it, you can go on as many treks, camping,marathons or road trips as you like while avoiding peeing hassles, UTIs and infections. Made with water-resistant coated paper, it is leak-proof and ensures zero spillage. Its design with the feature of Single Hand Grip makes it even more convenient to use.

Each PeeBuddy is completely biodegradable and thus, doesn’t harm the environment.


Each PeeBuddy is made from water-resistant coated paper and can be used comfortably without the fear of any wet sensation.

PeeBuddy’s leak-proof design ensures zero leakage and spills, thus ensuring your peace of mind.
No backsplash. No overflow. No leakage. No mess.      

Easy to Carry
PeeBuddy is sleek & and is about the thickness of a card. Thus multiple funnels can be carried around easily in your purse, glove compartment and pocket.

Use and Throw

PeeBuddy comes with a simple 'open-place-pee-throw' instruction and can be easily disposed in the waste-bin after use.

If unfriendly toilets are keeping you from enjoying your life to the fullest, PeeBuddy is for you. Use it in overcrowded places where clean toilets are only a dream. Go places with PeeBuddy and don't miss any event, concert or gig!

During pregnancy, especially in the 1st and 3rd-trimester, frequent urination is quite common and sitting down to pee every time is not only uncomfortable but also painful at times. Along with that, pregnant ladies are especially prone to lower urinary tract infections. Thus, PeeBuddy comes in handy in avoiding such problems.  

PeeBuddy finds its use in all public washrooms especially in trains, railway stations, metro stations, airports, malls, and restaurant washrooms. It is convenient, practical, comfortable, economical, and easy to use.

Road Trips & Highways
PeeBuddy is a next-generation personal care accessory ideal for the modern woman. It is your new best friend on road trips. No more changing the route for finding decent toilets or compromising with unfriendly toilets in petrol pumps. 

Common & Public Toilets
PeeBuddy is ideal for women who hate dirty and unhygienic toilets. When traveling for work or leisure, we often come across toilets that are a nightmare. Now with PeeBuddy­ - a simple yet revolutionary USE & THROW product, women can STAND & PEE in any unfriendly toilet. 

Arthritis & other Medical Conditions
Spread the word about PeeBuddy and help women with medical conditions like arthritis, knee injury, joint pain live as they like. PeeBuddy is also for those seeking to avoid UTIs and other infections. It’s neat. It’s discreet. It’s hygienic.

How to Use


Gently press the top front & back to pop open the Peebuddy funnel.


Move your panties aside. Place the open end of the funnel between your legs,right under the flow area.


Tilt the hips, bend a little, ensure the funnel is tilted downwards, relax & pee.


Dispose off in the dustbin.

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