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Underarm sweat? Worry no more



First of all, let’s establish that sweating is a completely natural phenomenon. Sweating in underarms is normal, and is nothing that you should be ashamed of. That being said, underarm sweat can be a cause of hygiene problems. The odor can also lead to embarrassment. The worst part of it is that you cannot avoid it, and it is not your fault if you sweat too much. If you have a job that requires you to be on the field for long hours, it is no surprise that you would sweat. And, let’s be honest, deodorants or antiperspirants just do not keep you dry throughout the day. Underarm sweat can cause serious discomfort in public and also ruin your expensive clothes. No one wants that, right?

There is hardly any way to get rid of underarm sweat completely. Cleaning your underarms regularly does not help. We have already discussed that deodorants do not help either. Underarm sweat though normal, can be a problem, especially when it comes to hygiene. Studies have shown that nearly 7 out of 10 individuals are tired of underarm sweat, and would not mind doing away with it completely. While that is not possible, there is a better solution that you can look at.

Sirona says- No more sweat

Sirona, the brand focused on personal wellness and hygiene, has come up with an answer to your queries. The Sirona anti-stain sweat pads give you the freedom to continue with your daily activities as you deem fit without worrying about underarm sweat. All you need to do is put them on the garment and go about doing your work. They are disposable and come with a self-adhesive glue, which helps you attach them to your garment. One sweat pad lasts an entire day and is way more effective than the regular deodorants and antiperspirants.  You would not need to think twice before stepping out in public. You can stretch your arms wherever and whenever without fearing to face any kind of embarrassment. Sirona, as a brand, has always been mindful of our hygiene, and these pads are no exception.

These sweat pads are a simple yet innovative solution to a problem that has bugged us for ages. People sweat differently and deodorants do not work for everyone. However, Sirona sweat pads can be used by anyone. These are ultra-thin pads that have been designed to be super-absorbent. The fiber used to make them is gentle on the skin, hence there shouldn’t be any itching or rashes. These sweat pads not only prevent sweat marks, stains, and rashes but also odor. You just have to put on your garment and forget about it. Let them take care of you.

Get yours today and stay sweat free All Day Long!


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