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Public (Dis)utility: Stop Before You Wipe Or Squat


Usually, I go in, sanitize the toilet seat with a tissue, comfortlessly sit and pee. Fast forward, I attempt to forget what just happened and move on. There are many who engage in an uncomfortable squat instead, and move on.

Any public utility poses the threat of contagious infections, particularly to our intimate areas. Thus going through displeasure, disgust and fear of infection is common while peeing in a public toilet. But we have become so habituated to this emotional and physical distress that there is nothing we do to actually address it. At times we are not even conscious of feeling it as it has become business as usual for us to use public commodes with insecurity.

Well, there is a way out of this. Start with deliberating on filthiness of such toilets and its implications. Studies state that there are over one million active germs per square inch on public toilets. One’s sense of sight and smell is enough to fathom that. Leave alone the sickening experience, at least one out of two women are bound to contract a UTI from using a dirty toilet and some even end up suffering from back pain. I remember, I have in the past.

This consciousness pushed me to act upon it. I started looking up solutions, but there were hardly any. Then I had heard of PeeBuddy, a female urination device from a friend. It sounded too good to be true and even funny at the beginning. Apparently, using it, I would be able to Stand & Pee! Though I have always secretly envied men for their ease of relieving themselves as and when they want, I never thought I could pull that off ever. Yet, I am glad to say, with PeeBuddy, I can.

I bought a pack of PeeBuddy, and had been carrying it around for about a month. But I never pulled up the courage to make the switch because I feared clumsiness in public loos. Well, this was my time. I did a few trial runs at home of using it, and the more familiar I became with using it, the more confident I grew of taking up farther travel plans.

It’s as simple as this: Go in, pee and out. That’s it. Empowered, I use it at the airport next. Public toilets have finally stopped being an obstacle. With PeeBuddy, things have transformed from being painful to comfortable and hassle-free. The freedom to Stand & Pee and the pleasurable comfort of not having to touch the toilet seat or bend or squat is immense!

It has been over two months since I started using PeeBuddy. And every time I come out of a public loo, I experience an overwhelming bliss. It is the bliss of simplicity and no-contact.

I believe, all of us deserve this bliss. I yearn to see public toilet bins filled with used PeeBuddies. That sight would be tantamount to multiple empowered women, who have freed themselves from their distressful habit of squatting and wiping. It is tantamount to those many distress-free public toilet experiences, those many UTIs prevented, and those many happy journeys!

PeeBuddy - Freedom to Stand & Pee

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