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Pampering Yourself

Pamper yourself
Pampering Yourself
Pampering yourself is part of self-care, and in my opinion, everyone should pamper himself or herself. Why is it that we get dependent on another person to pamper ourselves. We can pamper ourself by doing what makes us happy. Only eating a bar of chocolate or having icecream can uplift your mood. It totally depends on the person what he/she wants in his/her life. Before discussing how you can pamper yourself, let’s talk what the benefits of pampering are. 
Benefits of Pampering Yourself
1). It will reduce your stress because you will do whatever you like and it will release a hormone “dopamine” which makes you happy. This is the hormone which is released when you see the loved ones.
2). It will increase the effectiveness of your work. According to a recent study by economists at the University of Warwick if you are happy then your productivity increases by 12%. It is also observed that productivity decreases by 10% if the person is not comfortable or relaxed.
3). It will improve the cellular function of our body. Nowadays, people are suffering from depression. Depression starts when something is bothering you, but you remain quiet and don’t indulge in any of the activity. Pampering will help you to motivate your mind and soul.
How you can pamper yourself
1). Take a break alone or with friends
It depends on person to person. Somebody likes to spend their free time alone, and somebody wants to spend their time with friends. There is nothing wrong with being alone. I like to remain alone for sometime after my hectic schedule. It gives me time to think about what I am doing and whether I am on the right path or not. You can also do the same, or you can spend your time with your friends doing some chit-chats.
2). Go to a parlour
Looking after your body is something which we all admire. We always want to look the best in every situation, and there is nothing wrong with it. You can take an appointment of parlour every month where you will get a chance to relax. Don’t burden yourself with office work or household chores. Go and relax at the massage table. 
3). Listen to Songs
This is one of the best methods to pamper yourself. Plugin your earphones and start listening to your favourite songs, be it rocking or soothing songs. Listening songs also release happy hormones in your body which makes you feel good. The main motto of pampering yourself is to make yourself comfortable, and this can be achieved in many ways, but listening to songs is something which we all enjoy and get refreshed. 
4). Learn new things each week
You should always focus on what makes you happy, be it your work or extra-curricular activities. Try to learn new things each week. This will boost up your confidence and makes you happy. Suppose it was your dream to learn guitar but because of specific problems, you have to let go of your thoughts. Now, it’s the perfect time to learn new thing. Everything is on your fingertip. Just search it on Google, and everything will be in front of your eyesight. Isn’t it great? We should use the technology in the right direction, and each week you have something new on your list.
5). Take a bubble bath
How many of us spend time while bathing? We always are in a hurry because of some work but take out some time at least twice or thrice in a week and relax. These all are simple things, but we ignore all these. You must be wondering, seriously will this work? Trust me, it will work, and it will uplift your mood. 
6). Eat what you like
Pampering doesn’t mean that you need to take significant steps to pamper yourself. It must be as simple as like I want to have dinner outside or I want to order online, or I want to have chocolates or ice cream. But what is important is you should also look after your health. Eating chocolates, ice cream or ordering food daily can make your healthy lifestyle disrupt. 
These are some of the points which you can follow to pamper yourself. This is not the exhausting list. There are more things which you can do, like doing yoga, shopping, playing with pets, meditation, listing down your favourite item. Let me know in the comment box what things make you happy and relax. I have shared mine, and now it’s your turn.

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