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Freedom to Stand and Pee with PeeBuddy!

Peebuddy freedom to Stand and Pee


Usually, I go in (a public toilet), sanitize the toilet seat with a tissue, comfortlessly sit and pee. Fast forward, I attempt to forget what just happened and move on. There are many who engage in an uncomfortable squat instead, and move on.

Almost all public utility poses the threat of contagious infections. More so in such intimate use areas. The displeasure, disgust and fear of infection we experience is justified. But it is alarming that we have become habituated to this emotional distress. Habituated to the extent that we are not conscious of feeling it anymore. Think. Do you remember the last time you were consciously distressed about using the public toilet? Maybe not vividly. It has become business as usual for us to use public commodes with insecurity. I did not realise this until I experienced the pleasurable comfort of no-contact with PeeBuddy.

I had been carrying around the PeeBuddy for many months. But never pulled up the courage to switch. Because I feared clumsiness in a public loo. Then, when I finally decided to use it, I did trial runs at home. The more familiar I became with using it, the more appreciative I was about its simplicity. Go in, pee and out. That’s it. Empowered, I used it at the airport next. And oh! That feeling! It has been over two months since I started using PeeBuddy. And every time I come out of a public loo, I experience an overwhelming bliss.

It is the bliss of simplicity and no-contact.

We all deserve this bliss. I yearn to see public toilet bins filled with used PeeBuddies. That sight is tantamount to the many who have been freed from their distressful habit and found their bliss. It is tantamount to the many empowered thus.

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