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How Sanitary Disposal Bags Can Get You Out Of A Tricky Situation?


How often have you come across wasted, dirty pads on the roads, dustbins or public toilets? Innumerable times, right? My concern grows higher when I witness the sheer lack of hygiene in disposing of sanitary pads. A shocking number of 78 % women in India are unaware of the basic sanitation and hygiene practices. This is not just a concern for the women but also for the men and children around us.

The topic of menstruation is still a taboo in modern India. For the better part of my life, I have shared a washroom with the rest of my family. During my period the very thought of disposing of the sanitary pad in the common washroom filled me with despair. Such is the case with many Indian women.

I suppose the need for sanitary disposal solutions was long overdue and our concerns are being addressed by brands like PeeBuddy and Sirona. Sanitary pads, baby diapers, tampons, panty liners, condoms etc. can neither be flushed nor dumped irresponsibly; otherwise, they become a reason for inconvenience and embarrassment to all of us.

Pee buddy is on a mission to increase awareness among women in order to lead their lives towards a hygienic lifestyle. They have several products that will make your lives easier and one of these is Sanitary and Diapers Disposal Bag by SIRONA. These disposable bags will take away all your monthly worries of disposing of the sanitary pads and other intimate products. These oxo-biodegradable disposable sanitary bags are made in India with. They offer a perfect solution for disposing of sanitary bags, panty liners baby diapers, condoms and more.

The whole idea behind the creation of these disposable bags is to make the modern woman’s lifestyle hygienic, safe and healthy. We all have been through a situation where you need to settle for a black plastic bag, paper or other items in order to dispose of these intimate items. Recently I visited my ancestral village and came across many women who are lacking an access to a sanitized life. Most of them still use clothes instead of sanitary napkins for the menstrual flow and those clothes are carried around by stray animals from one place to another. These things become an embarrassment for all the people and also a threat to public health. While a lot of social work is being done to educate women about smart sanitary disposable choices, yet, an immediate change is in order. PeeBuddy’s Sirona disposable sanitary bags are creating a radical and rapid change in the area of menstrual hygiene. These products are very easy to use and carry around.

Here are some points that you must keep in mind while using them-

  • Take out the bag of I love clean from the box.
  • Put your disposable item in the bag from its opening end.
  • Remove the plastic from the bag
  • Press the flap properly so that the disposable item does not fall.
  • Don’t throw it anywhere or flush it, just put it in the dustbin.

Let me give you some more reasons to use PeeBuddy’s Sirona disposable bags-

  • They are very convenient to carry.
  • Oxo-degradable that means they decompose themselves without leaving any harm to the environment.
  • They are eco-friendly.
  • They are also tampering proof.

We must all remember that these small changes can bring big differences in our lives and also in the lives of people around us. We should bring the revolution not only in the present generation but also be an inspiration for future ones. I for one have benefitted immensely by these all-purpose bags. No matter where I am office, home, outing or a vacation with Sirona disposable bags by my side I travel worry-free.

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